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We buy and take on consignment paintings by Indiana, American, and European artists.

We can arrange and pay for all packaging and shipping. 

If you wish to sell artwork by any of the artists below, contact us by phone at

(812) 339-4682 or email:

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have a piece by an artist who is not listed here.

John Ottis Adams Maude Eggemeyer Evelynne Mess
Wayman Adams Harry Engle George Jo Mess
Adam Emory Albright Oscar Erickson Gordon Mess
George Ames Aldrich W.A. Eyden Harry Osgood
Ruth Anderson Edgar Forkner Robert Emmet Owen
GH Baker William Forsyth Pauline Palmer
Elizabeth Baum Alexis Fournier Margaret Patterson
George Baum Theodore Fox Walter Parke
Walter Baum E. Roger Frey Edgar Payne
Gustave Baumann Daniel Garber Jane Peterson
Johann Berthelsen Frank Girardin Frank Peyraud
Dale Bessire Ken Gore Frederick Polley
Abraham Bogdanove Marie Goth Hallie Prow
C. Curry Bohm Carl Graf Robert Root
Louis Bonsib Genevieve Goth Graf Olive Rush
Karl Brandner Robert Grafton Paul Turner Sargent
A.T. Bricher Percy Gray Alice Schille
Edmund Brucker L.O. Griffith William Edouard Scott
Francis Clark Brown Richard Gruelle Ada Shulz
Francis F. Brown Charles Gruppe Adolph Robert Shulz
Anthony Buchta Emile Gruppe Alberta Shulz
John Bundy John Wesley Hardrick Edward Sitzman
Ruthven Byrum Lucie Hartrath Derk Smit
VJ Cariani BS Hays Otto Stark
Grant Christian Cecil Head T.C. Steele
Gianni Cilfone Glen Cooper Henshaw William Lester Stevens
Eliot Clark A.T. Hibbard Musette Stoddard
Randolph Coats Jess Hobby William McK. Snyder
Alton Coffey Floyd Hopper Sven Svendsen
Sybil Connell Frank Hohenberger JC Templeton
Charles Conner Frank Humpal Anthony Thieme
Colin Campbell Cooper Wilson Henry Irvine James Topping
Fern Coppedge William F. Kaeser Arnold Turtle
Jacob Cox Carl Krafft Roy Trobaugh
Charles Dahlgreen Louis Aston Knight Will Vawter
Homer Davisson  Georges LaChance William Wendt
Harry Davis Ernest Lawson Clifton Wheeler
Franklin DeHaven Ethel Lomasney Gustave Wiegand
D.C. Donaldson Leota Loop Guy Wiggins
Hildegarde Donaldson Carl Lotick E.K. Williams
Carson Donnell George Mock Mabel Woodard
Frank Dudley Alden Mote Carl Woolsey
Frank DuMond Marcus Mote Wood Woolsey
James Eccles Issac Watt Meridith John Zwara
  And Many Others  
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Located in Bloomington, Indiana, near Brown County.

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